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What does He do?

Eli Morgan is a magic & mystery performer

Special Note: There are no doves, rabbits, top hats or any other magic relics of the past in this show. This is not your typical magic show, but a sleek, modern adaptation that will entertain and impress even the most "magic phobic" members of the audience.




Special Note: Eli accomplishes these feats using natural means through a fusion of the five senses, psychology, schema recognition, and a bit of magic, creating the illusion of a sixth sense. The show is lighthearted and all in good fun, leaving even the most skeptic of audiences full of wonder and amazement.

*It is important to note that all of Eli's performances are "family friendly" and without profanity.

Types of Shows


Eli will comfortably fit in and perform while mingling with your guest, engaging them in small groups.. This is an opportunity to experience the mystery up close and personal. Suitable for crowds from 15 people to hundreds in a strolling, cocktail hour type of setting.


Parlor shows are typically performed to an audience of 20-100 people in a seated environment. This is where Eli can perform his strongest pieces, keeping the audience laughing, as he showcases members of the audience by bring them on stage with him, 



Stage shows are a larger version of the Parlor show for large audiences. Eli performs to a seated audience, constantly incorporating members of the audience by bringing them on stage, making them the stars of the show. Your audience members will be engaged, laughing, and astounded at what takes place.

Who He performs for


Event Planner,

Eli performs mostly for corporate functions, resorts, and hotel chains, however, he also entertains at colleges, fundraising galas, Christmas/Holiday parties, private events, trade shows, schools, churches, and companies both local and abroad. Eli's magic and mentalism are well suited for high class black tie events as well as more casual settings. He dresses to the occasion.

Eli knows that booking an entertainer you haven’t personally seen before can be nerve-racking, however, he not only has a world class show that he will adapt to your company, but he will also make the entire process simple and painless.

So, if you are planning an event that you want to be fun and memorable, Eli's unique and modern style is the key to making that happen. Eli has been given the opportunity to perform for clients throughout the country, and also extending his reach to the Caribbean, Europe, and South Africa. Despite Eli's expansive reach, he is also a local performer, entertaining the Greater New York areas and surrounding major cities regularly!

Take a look below for just a few of Eli's past clients!


What his audiences are saying...


"Just a quick note to thank you for being a part of our event on Friday. I’ve heard nothing but rave reviews about you; in fact, a co-worker found me in the office yesterday, with mangled fork in hand, still wondering how you did what you did. We’ll definitely be keeping your info on file as we’d love to have you back next year – for more time. Thanks so much! – with your help in our benefit gala, we helped to raise over $200,000 for our local children’s hospital!"

-Ashley Flower Sr. Manager-Public Relations (Rite Aid Corporation)


"Hats off to the magic! I have to say, you were absolutely  incredible , we were still talking about it this morning on the way to work (angeli held on to the picture), it also really set the tone for what awaited inside!"

-Ajay Vatave MD, MPH

(had eli help him propose … she said yes)


"Thanks again Eli for a great performance for our company on Friday night. You received many kudos from different members of our organization! They haven’t stopped talked about you and i’ve been asked to hire you for next year. Best to you and yours this season."

- Cindi Kimmel, Marketing Director



"We really enjoyed your performance. You made the whole process simple and easy. Thank you so much! Thanks again!"

-Michelle Sargent, Program Assistant/Proposal Capture

(Nexagen Networks, Inc.)


"Eli's performances seem effortless yet captivating. His humor and easy-going style keep you guessing to each routine's mind-blowing reveal. It is good to see one so young and talented keep this performance genre alive!" 

- Ian Evans, Arts Specialist

(The Salvation Army, THQ-East)


"We loved your show! Everyone was very pleased with the committee’s choice of entertainment. You created laughter and suspense. We were all still trying to figure Out several of your stunts weeks later. You did a fantastic job for us and surpassed everyone’s expectations! Thank you for a night to remember"

Theresa Smith, Sr. Inside Sales Manage

(Construction Specialties, Inc)



"Awe inspiring!"       






"I've NEVER seen magic like that!"


"Courtous & charming"


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Rated 5 stars!


Frequently asked questions


Q.  What are the advantages to having Eli perform at my event? 

A. Eli prides himself on his ability to entertain while creating an easy going atmosphere! Sometimes, corporate events, Christmas parties, or group gatherings can be awkward until people get to know each other. What Eli does is lightens the atmosphere of the event and creates an environment of fun, laughter, and amazement for everyone involved. Through this environment, Eli brings people together while they experience .and in some cases become part of, the show! Eli's calm and relatable persona allows his audiences to lower their guard with not only him, but also each other; making any event more enjoyable and memorable!

Q. Is Eli Morgan's act right for Black Tie and Corporate Events/Parties?

A. Simply, yes! In fact, Eli' performs in a suit at all shows, and a tux for more formal, black tie events. His style of performing, whether on the stage or close up, is deal for the ‘Corporate Environment’. The power of corporate entertainment is TEAM BUILDING! Corporate team-building is becoming more vital every day. Having a synchronized team is paramount to the success of a business. Corporate entertainment by Eli Morgan is one way of building your team through a fun and interactive experience that not only entertains them, but stimulates their imagination. When your audience becomes a team, the positive and profitable effects last well after Eli's performance ends. 

Q. Are Eli's performances right for church/religious events?

A. Eli performs for church gatherings, Bar/Bat Mitzvahs, and young adult retreats regularly! Both his comedy magic show and mentalism shows are perfectly appropriate, clean, and fun! 

Q. What the heck is Mentalism?

A. Mentalism and Magic are very similar; however, instead of using objects like cards, pens, watches, Eli uses information in the mind. Eli does NOT claim to have any genuine psychic ability, however, he uses key tools such as muscle reading, body language, psychology, and common humanistic patterns to seemingly be able to pluck a mere thought out of the minds of your audience. Unlike most boring mentalism shows, Eli's show is fun, high energy, and engaging!

 You’ve seen mind readers from the hit CBS show “The Mentalist” on TV- now experience what it feels like in person, performed LIVE at your event. Imagine meeting face-to-face with someone who has the apparent abilities to connect with your thoughts or those of your guests. 

An easy way to distinguish Mentalism from Magic is that Mentalism is Psychic entertainment-WITHOUT the Psychic. 

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